Downeast Medal Finals 2018 Results

Full 2018 DMF Results


Downeast High Point Maine Rider
Summer Pilley
Horsemanship Challenge (12 & under)
Champion: Murphy Langevin
Reserve Champion: Lilly Leonhard
Horsemanship Challenge (13-17)
Champion: Posie Price
Reserve Champion: Sara Plaisted
MIPR 18″ Hunter Derby
Champion: Finnigan ridden by Madisyn Stewart
Reserve Champion: Montecito ridden by Anna Klee
High Point Maine Rider: Madisyn Stewart

American National/Farm Family 2’3″ Hunter Derby
Champion: Titan ridden by Peter O’Connor
Reserve Champion: Major Payne ridden by Jenna Vinci
High Point Maine Rider: Nina Miller
Mason Dixon Memorial 2’6″ Hunter Derby
Champion: Absolut Ice ridden by Katie Kirwin
Reserve Champion: Thunder Bay ridden by Amelia Lebrie
High Point Maine Rider: Sara Plaisted
Equine Journal, The Bankery and Skowhegan Fleurist, and Sunset Flowerland Pro Am
Champion: Amira Kettaneh and Deanna Kravetz
Reserve Champion: Amy Miller and Katy Longchamp
Hemphill’s Team Challenge
Champions: “Spaghetti and Meatballs” Amira Kettaneh, Nina Miller, Casey Dunne, and Gigi Grant
Reserve Champions: “The Spots” Alicia Reynold, Alexa Newcomb, Emily Hester, and Madisyn Stewart

Dunkin Donuts NEHC Pleasure Class
Champion: Judicial ridden by Nina Miller
Reserve Champion: Sunny Days ridden by Summer Pilley

Walk Trot Poles Medal
Seery Hill Farm Trophy
Champion: Casey Dunn
Reserve Champion: Cecilia Price
Short Stirrup Equitation Medal
Peter N. Thompson Memorial Trophy
Champion: Kaitlin Farrell
Reserve Champion: Lucy Parmalee

Long Stirrup Equitation Medal
Lucky Clover Stables MMZZ Top Memorial Trophy
Champion: Lauren Edwards
Reserve Champion: Jasmin Robbins

Modified Junior Equitation Medal
My Horse Heroes Memorial Trophy
Champion: Ella Kaniclides
Reserve Champion: Adeline Keeley

Mini Medal
Bernard Klingenstein/Euclide Albert Trophy
Champion: Ariana Licciardi
Reserve Champion: Summer Pilley

Modified Adult Medal
Maggie Mae Memorial Trophy
Champion: Mary O’Brien
Reserve Champion: Peter O’Connor
Amateur Adult Medal
The Horse’s Maine and NH Trophy
Champion: Katie Kirwin
Reserve Champion: Emma Schenker

Junior Medal
SeaHorse Stables Trophy
Champion: Posie Price
Reserve Champion: Erin O’Callahan

Belmont Motel Lead Line Division
Lead Line Equitation: Corinne Dunn
Lead Line Suitability: Bismark and Ryen McDaniel
Champion: Ryen McDaniel
Reserve: Corinne Dunn

Titan Tire Chain and Welding Walk Trot Division
Walk Trot Equitation: Lily Constantine
Walk Trot Pleasure: Moonlight and Casey Dunn
Walk Trot Over Poles: Casey Dunn
Champion: Casey Dunn
Reserve: Lily Constantine

Rod’s Cycle and RV Short Stirrup Division
Short Stirrup Hunter O/F: Alexandria’s Young Prince and Addison Slye
Short Stirrup Equitation O/F: Ava Shaw
Short Stirrup Hunter U/S: JE Rhapsody in Bey and Sylvia Lee
Champion: Addison Slye
Reserve: Sophia Butler

SmartPak Long Stirrup Division
Long Stirrup Hunter O/F: Nutty Buddy and Theresa Cullen
Long Stirrup Equitation O/F: Theresa Cullen
Long Stirrup U/S: Nutty Buddy and Theresa Cullen
Champion: Theresa Cullen
Reserve: Lauren Edwards

Pyramid Sports Timing Special Children’s Division
Special Children’s Hunter O/F: Sunny Days and Summer Pilley
Special Children’s Equitation O/F: Willa Lyons
Special Children’s Hunter U/S: Show Stopper and Noa Semo
Champion: Sunny Days and Summer Pilley
Reserve: RCH Farnley Darien and Willa Lyons

CWD Open Hunter Division
Open Hunter O/F: Come Monday and Lillian Bryan
Open Hunter O/F: Fairhope CBF and Jassa Williams
Open Hunter U/S: Wesley and Mckenzie Meserve
Champion: Fairhope CBF and Jassa Williams
Champion: Come Monday and Kaitlin O’Connor

IEA Modified Junior Division
Modified Jr. Hunter O/F: Wish Upon A Star and Katie Plaisted, Sweet Potato and Adeline Keeley
Modified Jr. Equitation O/F: Murphy Langevin, Sarah Shipman
Modified Jr. Hunter U/S: Friar Tuck and Emersyn Forde, Along the Bay and Lilly Leonhard
Champion: Sarah Shipman, Katie Plaisted
Reserve: Lilly Leonhard, Emersyn Forde

Shires Equestrian Modified Adult Division
Modified Adult Hunter O/F: Oh So Smooth and Mary O’Brien
Modified Adult Equitation O/F: Mary O’Brien
Modified Adult Hunter U/S: Cassanova and Nancy Lynch
Champion: Mary O’Brien
Reserve: Nicole Couture

Stoney Brook Landscaping Children’s Hunter Division
Children’s Hunter O/F: Champtino and Posie Price
Children’s Hunter O/F: Champtino and Posie Price
Children’s Hunter U/S: Rafiki and Alicia Reynolds
Champion: Champtino and Posie Price
Reserve: Rumor Has It and Allie Ferland

Meader Supply Amateur Adult Hunter Division
Amateur Adult Hunter O/F: Rendevous and Jennifer Cunio
Amateur Adult Hunter O/F: Absolut Ice and Katie Kirwin
Amateur Adult Equitation O/F: Amy Miller
Amateur Adult Hunter U/S: Absolut Ice and Katie Kirwin
Champion: Jennifer Cunio
Reserve: Amy Miller

New England Equine Junior Equitation
Junior Equitation O/F: Sara Plaisted
Junior Equitation Flat: Sophia Carter