Downeast Medal Finals 2021 Results

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CWD Judge’s Choice Best Horse Award
Conquistador owned by KaeDee Nowakowski

Betsy Milliken Giustra Judge’s Choice Overall Best Maine Horse Award
George owned by Virginia Shaw

Old Dominion Saddlery High Point Maine Rider
KaeDee Nowakowski
Copious Solutions and Absorbine Horsemanship Challenge (12 & under)
Champion: Anya Hankowski
Reserve Champion: Anneliese Banghart
Copious Solutions and Absorbine Horsemanship Challenge (13-17)
Champion: Avery Martin
Reserve Champion: Ally Tardif
MIPR 18″ Hunter Derby
Champion: Flying Dutchman owned and ridden by Aly Eastman
Reserve Champion: Mr. Shenanigans owned by Amy Miller and ridden by Natalie Bolduc
High Point Maine Rider: Aly Eastman

American National 2’3″ Hunter Derby
Champion: Quantum owned by Alexis Arlander and ridden by Annie Barnhart
Reserve Champion: Sambuca owned by Sophia Butler and ridden by Anneliese Banghart
High Point Maine Rider: Addison Turner
Copious Solutions and Mason “Noah” Dixon 2’6″ Hunter Derby
Champion: Conquistador owned and ridden by KaeDee Nowakowski
Reserve Champion: Oh So Smooth owned and ridden by Mary O’Brien
High Point Maine Rider: KaeDee Nowakowski
West Neck Farm Hunter Futurity
Champion: Constellation HM owned and ridden by Brooke Taylor
Reserve Champion: Quantum Leap owned and ridden by Kristen Mugnai

Hemphill’s Pro Am
Champion: Sage Pound and Meghan Outhout
Reserve Champion: Ryen McDaniel and Kate McDaniel
Downeast Medal Finals and Camp Kippewa Team Challenge
Champions: Emma Crooker, Sage Pound, Payton Jalbert, Riley Barter-Levine
Reserve Champions: Taylar Thomas, Addison Turner, Madison Moon, Addison Stewart

Sunset Flowerland NEHC Pleasure Class
Champion: Wish Upon A Star ridden by Eva Hankowski
Reserve Champion: Roman Holiday ridden by Megan Oathout

Walk Trot Poles Medal
Seery Hill Farm Trophy
Champion: Rose Rice
Reserve Champion: Corinne Dunne

Short Stirrup Equitation Medal
Peter N. Thompson Memorial Trophy
Champion: Ryen McDaniel
Reserve Champion: Emerson Sintros

Long Stirrup Equitation Medal
Lucky Clover Stables MMZZ Top Memorial Trophy
Champion: Cecilia Price
Reserve Champion: Rylan Noldan

Mini Medal
Bernard Klingenstein/Euclide Albert Trophy
Champion: Carol Ann Carpenter
Reserve Champion: Anneliese Banghart

Modified Junior Equitation Medal
My Horse Heroes Memorial Trophy
Champion: Avery Martin
Reserve Champion: Ally Tardif

Modified Adult Medal
Maggie Mae Memorial Trophy
Champion: Cynthia Martell
Reserve Champion: Jasmin Robbins

Amateur Adult Medal
The Horse’s Maine and NH Trophy
Champion: Brooke Taylor
Reserve Champion: KaeDee Nowakowski

Junior Medal
SeaHorse Stables Trophy
Champion: Sara Plaisted
Reserve Champion: Jordan Nichols

Bangor Savings Leadline
Champion: Tenlee Wallace
Reserve: Catherine Vanderzicht

True Blue Walk Trot Division
Champions: Rose Rice and Corinne Dunne
Reserves: Madison Moon and Blythe Low

MIPR Short Stirrup Division
Champion: Aly Eastman
Reserve: Emma Crooker

Belmont Motel Long Stirrup Division
Champion: Natalie Bolduc
Reserve: Nadia Rosenberg

North Star Veterinary Special Children’s Division
Champion: Aurora Balich
Reserve: Anneliese Banghart

Blue Seal Open Hunter
Champion: Pip owned by Sophia Butler
Reserve: Absolut Ice owned by Olana Laffey

Meader Supply Modified Junior Division
Champions: Avery Martin and Greta Buttignol
Reserves: Sage Pound and Gwenevieve Balich

Hemphill’s Modified Adult Division
Champions: Cynthia Martell and Heather Reid
Reserves: Danielle Fagonde and Eva Flaherty

Poulin Grain Amateur Adult Division
Champion: KaeDee Nowakowski
Reserve: Brooke Taylor

Dover Saddlery Junior Division
Champion: Zoe Maltese
Reserve: Sara Plaisted