Downeast Medal Finals Scholarships:

Downeast Medal Finals is proud to offer scholarships for this season. All scholarships are awarded based on need. Thank you to our sponsors!

Downeast Medal Finals scholarships are awarded based on need. The credit will show up on the final bill at the show office. The applicant or their parent must go to the show office and check the bill/check out at the end of the show. Please come prepared with a thank you note to the sponsor who so generously donated the scholarship and leave it with the show secretary. Thank you notes must be received by the donor before September 9th for the credit to be applied to the entry blank. If the total scholarship amount is not used, the balance will go back into the scholarship fund for the following year. The funds will only be applied to the applicant’s classes, warm ups, and stall fees.
Every applicant needs to have points toward qualification in order to apply. In the case that the selected individual does not qualify, the second choice will receive the award. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

2023 Scholarships:

Coming soon