Lynch Family Scholarship:

This scholarship is open to any Junior in their last year of showing no matter what level they ride at. It will fund up to $500 towards entries, stall and warm-up fees, and will be totally based upon financial need. Applicants should submit an essay detailing how they feel that their experience with horses to this point in their life will help them in their future. Applicants will also need to supply their trainer’s name and contact information (phone number and email) and their own contact information as well as a parent. For this year, applicants need not have qualified to apply, but should either have qualified in 2019 or have shown in at least one qualifying class this year.

The credit for the award will show on the applicant’s final bill for DMF 2020 at the show office. We ask that the applicant and his/her parent go to the show office to check out at the end of the show and check the bill. Any unused balance will go back into the scholarship fund for 2021.

Opening date: TBD
Deadline: TBD