Belmont Boatworks Scholarship:

This award of $500 will go an adult or junior rider who exemplifies hard work and sportsmanship. The applicant should be able to describe how they contribute to the teamwork of the farm where they ride and how they help to support the cost of their riding. We are looking for someone who gives of themselves to help others. Completed applications will be forwarded to Belmont Boatworks who will choose the lucky recipient. You may apply now while accumulating points for DMF but must be qualified by deadline.
Awarded based on need. The credit will show up on the final bill at the show office. The applicant or their parent must go to the show office to check out at the end of the show and check the bill. If the total scholarship amount is not used, the balance will go back into the scholarship fund for the following year. The funds will only be applied to the applicant’s classes, warm ups, and stall fees.