The Horseman’s Scholarship:

Provided by Meadow View Equestrian Center, $350 will be awarded to someone that puts their relationship with the horse first. This scholarship is open to ANY rider competing at Downeast Medal Finals.

1. Provide a photo of you with your horse by emailing to Katie ([email protected]).
2. Submit the application form below where you will write about a challenge you and your horse have overcome together. Describe how you did it and how your relationship and trust with your horse played a role in the training.

We look forward to this year at Downeast Medal Finals.
Good luck to all!
The DeRosby Family

Awarded based on need. The credit will show up on the final bill at the show office. The applicant or their parent must go to the show office to check out at the end of the show and check the bill. If the total scholarship amount is not used, the balance will go back into the scholarship fund for the following year. The funds will only be applied to the applicant’s classes, warm ups, and stall fees.